Anne Mitchell Reid

Heaven’s Glory

I am an artist working in fiber and pastel. I use the same traditional techniques used in medieval tapestries, but incorporating geometric patterns and textures suggested by the yarns themselves. I also work in pastel, frequently using that medium to inspire my weaving. Sea, sky and landscape are favorite subjects. In recent work I have been “painting” using mohair, and brushing it up to mimic brush strokes, and to let the viewer “experience” the mist and the skies.

I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, did undergraduate and postgraduate work at the Scottish College of Textiles and at the College of Art of Edinburgh University. I have been a weaver for over forty years, and my work has sold in galleries and fine craft and museum shops on both sides of the Atlantic.
For ten years I ran my own design and craft business in the remote Highlands of Scotland. In 1989 we returned to the USA, and I now work from the Spring City Mill Studios in Northern Chester County.

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You can contact me at  610-937-9800