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Judith Byrd-Williams


Judith Byrd-Williams, Visual Communications Consultant

As a multimedia instructor / visual communication consultant with more than 40 years of experience and a Master’s in Electric Media Broadcast & T V, I’m dedicated to maintaining my skills as a multimedia consultant and or instructor.

A visual communication consultant, works within the context and developments of technology today; by manipulating 2D art, 3D graphic images, sound, text, animations and video to create a complete multimedia programs or presentations and or entertainment program. This is a brief synopsis of the many roads traveled in the world of Multimedia.

I retired from Delaware County Intermediated School after 20 years of service. Since retiring, I’ve worked in the capacity as the Pottstown Editor for the Drum Newspaper and part-time multi-media instructor at ITT Technical Institution of King of Prussia.

My passion is visual effects and post editing.  Thus, my eye for graphic design matched equally with strong creativity for visual communicational media is a total multimedia presentation.


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