Marilyn Fox

Winter Dream

I was always enamored with abstraction and non objective painting. It was a language I could “read”, but could not yet “speak.” So I sought out other artists who spoke this language and studied their work. I analyzed it and questioned as to what it was that attracted me. Finally, I took a large landscape painting I had completed and decided to just paint over it, with no preconceived ideas, no specific concepts in mind, other than color choices. I painted with abandon, and I began my first stumbling words in abstraction; I worked on my personal abstract language. This continued for the next few years, and honed my own invented language, I set out on speaking fluently, even poetically. This took a bit of confidence and presence of mind, and I indulged in it completely and never looked back

Now I have more time to paint and explore new concepts and techniques. My paintings are nonobjective/abstract, influenced by natural phenomena such as weather patterns, sun, rain, and changing seasons and storms. Recent paintings also explore personal but universally understood ideas, such as technology, ambiguity, and my own thoughts on being an artist. Color and composition are always my first deliberations in painting. In my work, understanding of best practices in art is crucial: the work must please me before it pleases others.

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