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Sponsored by PAAG, the Masters of Art events feature nationally and locally known artists in watercolor, oil, encaustic, political cartooning, courtroom illustration, and photography. 

This contuing education program gives insight on the “why” and “how” each artist fell in love with their medium and style of art. It’s not only informative, but gives you a better appreciation on what it take to “make it look easy”.

Along with demonstrations, professional artists share their experiences on how to best present and promote your art, along with art critiques. 

The Hill School Center for the Arts . 760 Beech Streett . Pottstown PA

Mondays @ 7:30 PM

SPRING (Mar, Apr, May) and FALL (Sept, Oct, Nov)

"Creating in Mixed Media"

Monday, APRIL 15, 2024 | 7:30 PM

Amy Schade

Utilizing collage elements, acrylic paint, markers, crayons, and hand-made papers, I will demo my process beginning with basic design elements as a base upon which to build. Many times my work begins with a very ‘loose’ sketch or plan, which is sometimes altered as the work progresses or is abandoned altogether as I make design decisions. Works thus far have been both non-objective or image-based. Occasionally I start applying new elements to existing paintings just to learn what may develop.

Amy Schade is a graduate of West Virginia University with a BFA in Graphic Design, emphasis in Printmaking, Photography and Visual Communications. She offers adult instruction for Twin Valley Community Education Foundation and Yocum Institute for the Arts. Her work is included in private, public and corporate collections in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Maryland and Florida. Member Berks Art Alliance, Art League of Ocean City, York Art Association, Philadelphia Watercolor Society. Signature member Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society and National Collage Society.

I believe the most engaging artwork is created when one successfully executes images that combine the conceptual and intuitive with the real and concrete. Integrating the literal and figurative, I encourage viewers to arrive at their own interpretation under the influence of suggestion. The resulting synergy is unparalleled when my viewers respond not to how an artwork looks, but rather how it feels.

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"The Art of Photography"

Monday, MAY 20, 2024 | 7:30PM

Kevin Lynn

Born and raised in the West to a family of cowboys and ranchers. My first interest in art came through 8mm films my father shot of me competing in rodeos. The many hours manually cutting and editing those films with my father sparked an interest, first in the classic films of Ford and Peckinpah. Then later the stills of Weston, Adams, Lange, Cartier-Bresson, Weber, Gorman, Ritts, Avedon, Penn and Peter Lindbergh. An active rodeo contestant throughout my twenties, I found myself at a crossroads …


A business and personal setback left me with few resources but great opportunities. Inspired by a play accidentally seen on PBS (True West), I chose to re-invent myself in the Art World. Not knowing what that meant, I left everything …took a one-way ticket and two suitcases to NYC…

The move suited me. I worked as an actor in TV and film until I realized my talent was looking through the Lens. Shooting everything I could, I soon became successful shooting beauty and portraits. Along the way a chance meeting with an art director for a winery turned into a long-standing relationship with the Wine Industry. My work has been featured at The High Museum, and the Saratoga Wine Festival and in numerous publications including the Sommelier Journal, Sonoma Magazine & Wine Spectator. Over the years I have created artwork for 30 plus wineries and several distilleries. My latest personal work has evolved into an abstract form based on my experiences with all things wine.

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