"To promote, inspire and support the artistic spirit within the community."

Michael Kraniski

Morning at the Lake

Everyone is blessed with a gift from God. Such gifts might be a great mind, leadership abilities, or simply to be a good listener. Then there are some that have been blessed to be an artist. Michael took being an artist seriously when he received his first commission in his teens.

After graduating from the Cleveland Institute of Art, one the nation’s leading art and design institutes, Michael pursued a successful design career, winning numerous awards in both the U.S., and Europe.  Now he has returned to his original passion, the fine arts.

Michael’s “Skyscape” paintings are about the atmosphere, the light, the color of the sky, the movement of the clouds, and how they affect the landscape. Landscapes are static, and of little interest until the sky acts upon them. The sky sets the mood. It controls the color and light of the landscape, and provides a sense of movement to the painting. Michael attacks the canvas with large brushes, and moves quickly across the canvas to develop the sky before adding the landscape.

Although much of Michael’s works are “Skyscape” paintings, he is also known for his abstract paintings, and for his use of a strong color palette. His process for doing this style of paintings is experimental. He pokes around a bit without a preconceived notion of what the outcome will be. It is always a surprise to him.

Michael is represented by The Garden Gallery in Carlisle, PA, and the DISTRICT Arts Gallery in Frederick, MD. He is also a member of the Hershey Area Art Association, the Berks Art Alliance, and the Pottstown Area Artists Guild. Over the past few years, he has shown in a number of other galleries in PA and MD, along with the Mt. Gretna Arts Festival, Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg, and other art festivals in PA and MD. In the fall of 2019 he received second place in the Fusion Art – International 3rd Annual Skies Art Competition.

Instagram:  @mmkraniski

Website: https://www.mmkraniski.com/