Rhonda Counts

Sun Raven

In her studio in Fleetwood, Pa, Rhonda enjoys the serenity and mindfulness in the process of creating art.

“I create a textured canvas and then I paint”.

In 2005, after a 30 year career as an Art Director for Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando, Rhonda chose to retire and work towards her dream of becoming a professional artist. Rhonda’s works are instantly recognizable for their unique textures. She creates her canvases by sculpting various mediums, even perhaps finger-painting in patterns and then “impressing” natural elements into the mediums. Fluid acrylics are applied, letting the colors flow over and in the textural crevasses. An intriguing technique used by the Disney Imagineers, is stamping patterns into cementitious materials to create “natural themed landscapes”. Rhonda has adapted this technique in her painting process. In 2019 Rhonda introduce mixed media works into her portfolio, as an upcycling initiative.

She welcomes you to visit her website at www.rhondacounts.com.