Robert Seabourne

Robert is a Gentleman and an Artist, plain and simple. He paints images that he sees in everyday life. Using his camera, he breaks the photo down to his impression of what he has witnessed. He keeps it simple (Silly), without hidden meaning, but he will tell you a story about each one of his paintings. And when the opportunity presents itself you can find him on some back road painting en plein air.

Working primarily in oils, he finds joy in each step of the process of painting from cutting and gesso-ing his own Masonite panels to laying paint on the surface to applying the final coat of varnish. He will always be in that moment: Constantly learning and seeking answers to the age-old questions of painting.

A love of local history, always searching for the meaning of his art and a want to improve his skills, his mind is always on art. Humble, but passionate, Robert will talk with you about art for hours.

You may view his journey on his website at and there you may make a purchase of a piece of that exciting journey he has embarked on. You may also sign up for his monthly newsletters to keep you abreast of his latest ventures.