Robyn Burckhardt

art by Robyn Burckhardt

My work has been promoted as serene, calming and ethereal.

I am proud of that description. I collect many great photos of water views, sunsets, sunrises, and beaches, most stemming from sailing expeditions on our beloved Chesapeake Bay. Honestly, I don’t think I could go wrong with any of my photo-captured ideas. I strive to deliver an atmospheric effect in every one of my pieces. I try to focus on principle of allowing the painting to lead you where it must go. If calm is the result-so be it!

I interpret water, sky or land forms. For me, the exchange between terrain, climate, and temperature is constant: I translate these effects through layers applied with my hands and rags, yes sometimes brushes, but mostly the pigments are applied with my hands.

Collectors of my work tell me that the work makes the space open up.

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