The Art Supplies Exchange

Members are invited to have posted here art materials, supplies and tools. They may be offered for free, for barter or for sale. The member is responsible to work with the “buyer” to deliver the item(s), and to notify the Guild at when an item is no longer available. Posts will be shown for not less than 2 calendar months.

To have items shown here, send an eMail to with a photo and description of the item(s), and price along with any contact information that would like shown.

If you are interested in anything shown in the Exchange, write the Guild at to be connected to the artist(s) offering the item(s) you are interested in, or the artist if their contact information is shown.

Walnut Floater Frames:

Three 12′ x 12′ Walnut Floater Frames; $18 ea.
$50.00 for all three

contact Rhonda via email at if interested